Final Plan Adopted


JULY 31, 2017: The Village Board officially adopted the Comprehensive Plan Update for the Village of Romeoville on July 19th. Thank you to everyone involved who helped to make this a successful planning process! You can view the final document here.


Envision Romeoville Public Workshop


OCTOBER 12, 2016: Join us on Thursday, November 17, 2016, for the Envision Romeoville Public Workshop! Learn more about the Comprehensive Plan process, share your thoughts and ideas, and participate in interactive activities designed to help craft a vision for the future of Romeoville. The workshop will be held at 6:00 PM at Village Hall (1050 W. Romeo Road, Romeoville).

Romeofest Photo Highlights


SEPTEMBER 13, 2016: Thanks to all the many folks who swung by the ‘Big Picture Romeoville’ idea booth at Romeofest last month (see snapshots below)! Your thought-bubbles and comment-cards were heard loud and clear.  We are continuing to collect  input via the website and events, so please continue to share ideas and map your comments.  For additional project updates enter your email via the follow feature in the website footer (scroll down and click the + sign).

*** Congratulations to Don H. who won the ‘Big Picture Romeoville’ website drawing and received a $50 Brunswick Bowl Gift Card for following this website. ***

Take the community survey!


JULY 21, 2016: The Community Survey is open! Please take a few minutes to take the survey to share your personal perspectives on various issues and opportunities that impact the future of Romeoville. All information will be kept confidential and will guide the Village’s process to update its Comprehensive Plan. UPDATE: The survey will remain open until Monday, August 29, 2016. | To share additional comments and view ideas, click here!

Interact: Share your thoughts about Romeoville!


JUNE 27, 2016: There are multiple web-based opportunities to share your thoughts and ideas regarding the Village of Romeoville. What do you like about Romeoville? What would you change? What would you like to see in Romeoville in the future? Please click the Interact tab in the menu above to provide feedback.

Here are the different ways to interact:

IDEA ZONE: This web-based form enables you to share feedback and photos that express ideas that you would like to see in Romeoville.  Please include a brief comment with any photos you upload so that we understand what the photo is depicting.

COMMUNITY MAPPING TOOL: The Community Remarks Mapping Tool is a web-based interactive application that enables community members to use drag-and-drop icons on a map of Romeoville to share certain ideas, comments, or concerns relating to specific places in the Village. By using the icons and adding comments, users will be able to help identify issues and opportunities that they believe should be addressed in the Comprehensive Plan. Photos may also be uploaded to support comments.

COMMUNITY SURVEY: A short online survey will be made available for you to share your person perspectives on various issues and opportunities that impact the future of Romeoville. Your input will be kept confidential and will help guide the Village’s process to update its Comprehensive Plan.

MOBILE APP: The project mobile app is now available for Apple and Android mobile devices. Using the icons below, visit the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and search for “Romeoville”. The mobile app has similar capabilities as the project website but is more mobile-friendly and will utilize push notifications for project updates. Whether you’re waiting in line at the store, commuting on the bus or train, or traversing out and about away from home, the mobile app enables you to interact with us while on the go. Download the app and check it out!